Young Russian teen wants to get her cherry popped

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056 4 years ago
Smart sex
OldDog 4 years ago
I'm no expert, but the cherries I've popped didn't take 20 minutes. True you need to somewhat take it easy, but once you get the head of your cock inside, though there's some resistance, flex your hips hard and break your way through.

Yes there will be some pain for both, but once you feel the warmth of it opening her up, it's smooth sailing from there till you bust a nut in her.
Vijay Mishra 3 years ago
I am boy i need only rial sex but l live in india ..hardoi
Been there done that 1 year ago
loosing it hurts like hell.. dont understand the evolutionary reason for a hymen
Great success! 1 year ago
Goof for you! Nice!